In the Event of a Power Outage or Fire

Winter Safety

Hi Everyone, It is easy to grow complacent and think that you will be prepared in the event of a power outage or fire. Because there are more home fires in the winter than in any other season, attached are 10 important tips from the National Fire Protection Association, that I encourage you to read and share. Winter Safety Flyer Below I have listed my take on the tips: Test your alarms: I inadvertently do this monthly by burning a bagel or toast. Plan two ways out: Keep your exits free of clutter by obtaining a storage unit. (See what I did there?) Make sure your house number can be seen from the street: I’m pretty sure the fire department will be able to see a home up in flames, but this is a serious matter, please trust when I say this is especially true for homes on corners or homes that do not appear properly on Google Maps. Be ready in case the power goes out: I am completely not prepared for this right now and will be going after work to purchase batteries and a flashlight. All I have currently, is the flashlight on my cell phone. I’m glad I am writing this. Stay aware of winter weather: After all, it is Wisconsin, so just always assume you are going to wake up to freezing cold and 10 inches of snow. Boom! Always aware. Always prepared. Check on your neighbors: Even if you do not like them. Be nice. You never know when you will save a life. Generators should be used outdoors: Quite frankly, generators can be deadly poisonous. Stay away from downed wires: Please keep your pets in mind with this as well. Lines may be down a few yards out, but pets going potty may want to investigate. Be ready if the heat goes out: Again, it is Wisconsin. The potential for outages is prevalent. Turn portable heaters off: I recommend unplugging them all together, especially while you are sleeping and ...

Trista Pirlot
July 13th, 2021