Further Safeguarding

Climate Controlled Units

Trista Pirlot
July 13th, 2021

While all your belongings can benefit from climate control, it is especially important for items such as electronics and furniture. Appleton Self Storage’s Indoor Facility provides protection from extreme heat, cold, and humidity. Our climate-controlled facilities technology maintains temperatures between 58 and 78 degrees all year long.

In all reality, climate-controlled units generally cost more than standard storage, but the extra cost is worthwhile to ensure temperatures and humidity never rise or fall dramatically enough to damage your goods.

Here are a few items we recommend storing indoors

· Wooden, Leather, Metal, and Wicker Furniture
· Electronics
· Household Appliances
· Media (DVD’s, Vinyl Records, etc.)
· Artwork
· Instruments
· Photographs
· Comic Books
· Clothing
· Medical Supplies and Medications
· Makeup and Toiletries
· Sports Equipment (Especially Containing Leather)

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